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Our Workshops

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of agile methodology and design advancement in the contemporary digital landscape, Studio mm fosters effective communication and mobilises communities through agile training, design, and art programs.

The studio is committed to promoting agile methodology and design development in the digital era, fostering strong bonds of communication, and empowering communities through training, design, and art initiatives.


Illustration Paper Goods & Home Décor

Our thoughtfully curated collection of printed matters & home decor features vibrant illustrations, offering you a chance to infuse your everyday spaces with creative energy. Each piece can be personalised, allowing you to add a unique, customised touch to make the product your own.


By blending form and function with the freedom to customise, our thoughtfully designed home decor collection empowers you to elevate the ambiance of any space and inject your personality into the very fabric of your living environment. Discover the perfect piece to breathe new life into your home and make it a true reflection of your creative spirit.

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Illustration Paper Goods
& Home Décor

Curated Illustration-Inspired Essentials for Creative Living

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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“I had the pleasure of working with Studio mm in the Maverick exhibition at JCCAC. Through out the exhibition, the team brought out a well-developed and unique idea for us in a clear and engaging way, their strong sense of art and design had fully dedicated the team into the world of art.”

Joyce Wong


"I met the team in the Agile community and their dedication and passion instantly caught my eye. They are smart, very smart people with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which make them constantly improving their method and approaches. Agile coaches from Studio mm are always looking for more effective and collaborative ways to solve problems."

Fred Madrigal

"The examples were simple, easy to work with, and definitely helped drive home the principle, idea, or technique while keeping it as whimsical/humorous as possible. I enjoyed the group work because it enabled the teams to have the opportunity to actually apply the idea that the coach had just introduced or explained. The coach did an excellent job. Virtual workshops are challenging, especially due to the fact that you’re not in a room able to engage with participants."

Felix Yau

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