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About studio mm.

studio mm.

Multidisciplinary Creative Studio

Welcome to our creative oasis - a multidisciplinary creative studio where art, learning, and thoughtfully designed illustration-based products converge. We've crafted this multifaceted destination to be a hub for artists, designers, and anyone seeking to explore and expand their creative side.

At the heart of our studio are our immersive art and product training workshops. Whether you're a seasoned painter, an aspiring crafter, or a professional looking to sharpen your project management skills, our hands-on classes provide a space to learn new techniques, experiment with fresh mediums, and unlock your imaginative potential.

Beyond the workshops, our carefully curated collection of illustration-infused paper goods and home decor items offer a chance to bring that creative energy into your everyday life. From limited-edition art prints to unique home accents, each piece is designed to add a personalised, artisanal touch to your space.

We've thoughtfully woven together these dynamic elements - the workshops, the retail products, the collaborative partnerships with local artists - to cultivate a vibrant hub where creativity, learning, and beautiful design converge. We invite you to discover, create, and be inspired as you explore our multifaceted world.

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