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Essentials of Visual Analysis

An introduction to Art Criticism & Visual Analysis

  • 350 Hong Kong dollars
  • Remote

Course Description

Visual analysis is a crucial process that involves examining visual artworks such as paintings, photography, and more. By dissecting these artworks, we unravel the artist's intended meaning and the techniques used to convey it. Additionally, visual analysis allows us to explore the historical significance of artworks and their impact on culture, art, politics, and society. In this one-hour training session, we provide an introductory guide to performing art analysis. The course covers the following topics: Visual Analysis: Learn the fundamental principles and methodologies of effectively analyzing visual art. Gain insights into the techniques used to interpret an artist's intended message. Elements & Principles: Explore the foundational elements and principles of art and design. Understand how these elements, such as color, shape, form, texture, and principles like balance, contrast, rhythm, and more, contribute to the overall visual composition. Composition: Delve into the study of composition in art. Discover how elements are arranged within an artwork to create a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement. Understand the impact of composition on the viewer's perception and engagement with the artwork. Line of Sight & Focal Point: Explore the concept of line of sight and focal point in art. Learn how artists guide the viewer's attention and create a visual hierarchy within their work. Understand the significance of focal points in conveying the intended message. This training session offers a valuable introduction to the art of visual analysis, equipping you with essential tools to understand and appreciate artworks on a deeper level.

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Cancellation Policy

No cancellation is allowed once the order is placed. No cancellation/postponement/change of class/refund of course fee would be accepted unless we have decided to cancel the class due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseeable difficulties arising from running the course.  ● No make-up lesson could be arranged even if the student missed the class, make-up lesson could not be arranged even if document is presented.  ● An Administrative Fee of HKD100 shall be charged for any change of class date or time.

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